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integrated science for complex pain problems and performance

evaluation of dynamic systems and biomechanics

solutions for pain alignment posture breathing core balance

performance movement strategies inducing long-lasting change 

 service for all people and performers

member supporting the study and practice of pain and pain relief

pursuit of my vision is to bring relief to those who are in pain

subject matter expertise: posterior chain, rib cage, and gait 

relaxed posture & gait

for joint stability and movement accuracy

for performance-driven athletes

serving all performers at all ability levels 

Chelsea Sodaro - Ironman World Champion

dr. aj gregg is a key member of my team. he helped me come back from a career threatening injury, and guided my strength program in preparation for the most important races of my career. my program with aj is so much more than injury prevention, though. aj has helped me become a stronger, more resilient athlete, despite all of the hours I spend swimming, biking and running in a straight line. he has brought so much joy and fun into my training too.  I look forward to our session every week and I always feel better in tune with my body after we work together. a piece of my world title belongs to aj, and I'm so excited to see what we achieve together in the future. 

Alexa S. - Persistent Pain Survivor

over twelve years of living with persistent pain I was skeptical but I was given a solution to healing. the pain is gone and I get to do the things I love again. thank you so much for listening and giving me a path. 

Dr. AJ Gregg

chiropractic physician

masters science human nutrition

sport performance coach

pain scientist

complex body systems approach, biomechanical, pain neuroscience, motor learning, activation, neuroplasticity

dedicated to service learning and creative solutions for resolution to those who are in pain

active solutions for pain alignment posture balance connection breathing and performance

in conjunction with

treatment to training: rehab to performance: pain to freedom of movement

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